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Free Falling The Waiting

Consider for a moment just how much Tom Petty and his music is intertwined with American culture. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are one of the biggest chart toppers in rock history, amassing dozens of hits and performing sold out shows for four decades. He wrote and recorded songs that became the soundtrack to millions of people's lives, becoming a universally revered star in the process. When he passed away in October of 2017, the members of Free Fallin were heartbroken knowing that they and everyone else had lost someone they admired greatly. But for Free Fallin, it was a bit more personal.


For the last 11+ years, they have worked studiously to develop and refine the best live tribute show to Tom Petty that fans have ever seen. Long before that fateful October day, Free Fallin considered it their calling to provide Petty's fans with the most accurate, skillful and soulful tribute experience they possibly could.


From their outfits to their equipment to their playing styles, they nailed down all of the details so that fans at their shows would come away with that same magical feeling of seeing Tom Petty play live. With Petty's untimely death, the members of Free Fallin feel that calling even more.


While nobody can ever replace Petty as a musical icon, his millions of fans deserve to celebrate his life and music in a way that will move them and let them connect with his music. It has never been, and never will be about replacing Petty and his music - that would be impossible. Instead, Free Fallin wants to lead the way in keeping the Tom Petty flame brightly lit.


Their 2018 “Broken Hearted Tour” played more than 90 shows in 15 states, and included an invitation to perform for Tom Petty’s “Birthday Weekend” in his hometown of Gainesville, FL, where 26,000 people from all over the world gathered for the event to celebrate his legacy.  Free Fallin headlined two nights and performed to 12,000 fans.


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